Freedom of speech and freedom of terrorism: in search of balance States are periodically trying to block the access of terrorists to mass media
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In the history of mutual relations between press and terrorists there are episodes taken as arguments by supporters of those introducing restrictions in mass media’s activity as well as by ...

Freedom of speech and censorship renaissance in mass media
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TV bosses go to the Kremlin to get instructions – just Suslov’s were replaced with Surkov’s. The TV, as before, carries out campaigns against “enemies of the people” who do ...

Freedom of speech in the Internet ended on 11 September
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As a result – the core cyber freedoms have been cut down”. Secretary General of the organization Robert Menard declared that “the situation gives a special alarm as, besides the ...

Anguish for freedom of speech
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Then Baturin, Fedotov and Entin resorted on cunning and addressed to the Baltic newspaper “Youth of Estonia”. The edition also suspended publication at the last minute – as being the ...

A dream of an outstanding scientist has come true
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I remember Abbas Zamanov very well. Besides that, he was very close to our family, a teacher and a man who substituted a father for my own father Yusif Seidov, ...

“Black PR”… Where is the root of the problem?
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Pre-election period is ussually observed as full of all kinds of PR doings with the main purpose to make voters attend the election centres and give their voices for certain ...

Language problem in the Azerbaijani mass media
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Our language has been under aggression during the whole history, but it managed to remain pure. When politics, economy, science and culture developed, the Azerbaijani language was also enriching with ...

An academician blames ANS TV Company again
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In his speech Jalal Aliyev called on MPs for support, but they did not. However, there was nobody at the session to stop him. Jalal Aliyev was not satisfied with ...

Armenians take more active steps in the occupied territories Do the Azerbaijani mass media cover events in Karabakh adequately?
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Armenian side, however, states that the territories are populated with Armenians who lived in Baku, Ganja, Sumgayit before the conflict broke out. But nevertheless, the international humanitarian law unambiguously states ...

The History of the Azerbaijani Alphabet
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The English scientist, the author of the well-known monograph “The Alphabet” D. Diringer confirms the fact that “human acquires long life with the invention of written language.” In the ancient ...

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