The last day of “censorship century”
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As noted before, mass media were not regulated by laws as in all civilized countries, but by censorship in all the post soviet territory. Sometimes when asked “why the lawlessness ...

12 Years have passed since Chingiz Mustafayev died
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Chingiz is remembered by people as a fighter – a TV reporter carrying the camera on his shoulders. The fact noted is that the beginning of his activity as a ...

Freedom of speech on TV and radio
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It is necessary to recognize, that a television announcement – the most mass. For today it reflects a life of a society in all its displays. Broadcasting somewhere is lower ...

Remains only to follow laws on mass-media
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After notorious “Glavlit”, engaging in censorship has suspended it activity, some means of a seal have regarded a freedom of speech as freedom «to speak that has got» and have ...

Textbooks under the literature do not satisfy with the quality
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Several days ago movement “Amal” has carried out wide conference on a theme «Problems of education: Textbooks». Methodological principles, studying of national ideology, the concept of humanity in the literature, ...

To taboo once, to taboo twice Trial at the one who denies the Holocaust exposed limits of free speech in Europe
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Following years Irving published more books, including Gabbles’ bibliography and a book covering the Nierenberg process. In spite of abundant critics from the part of scientists, these editions were successfully ...

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