Декабрь 2022
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The professional journalist of the future (Practical work)
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The complex project «The professional journalist of the future » provides carrying out of competition of scientific-information works among students of 4-th and 2-th course of magistracy faculties of journalism ...

Freedom of Speech and Press – comparative analyses of laws
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Comparative analyses of the laws of the Azerbaijan Republic and western countries on Mass media. The activity of Mass media is regulated according to the corresponding laws in developed western ...

Explanatory dictionary (Research work)
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The project “Explanatory dictionary” stipulates research work on detailed disclosing of each item of corresponding statutory acts, and also philological interpretation of terms used in legislations on mass-media. With this ...

Mutual rights and duties of representatives of mass-media and the state structures
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The project on drawing up of a brochure-instruction for a journalists and representatives of the state organs, organizations and establishments. In the brochure it is planned description in the popular ...

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