Mehriban Aliyeva: Azerbaijan’s first lady of tree planting
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While the American public continues to debate the ways in which to tackle the consequences of climate change, the first lady of Azerbaijan is quietly pursuing a tactic that can become a ...

Baku forum to push back against ‘rise of hate’ with strong call for cultural and religious tolerance, says UN official
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Speaking in Baku, Azerbaijan, ahead of the UN-backed Forum, Mr. Moratinos told UN News about his “emotional visit” to Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka, where he paid his respects to victims ...

Peace in South Caucasus to be restored only if Armenia leaves occupied lands, expert says
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Peace in the South Caucasus will be restored only if Armenia eventually makes the right decision and leaves the occupied Azerbaijani lands, Guram Markhuliya, President of the Caucasus International Center for the ...

Lerik’s unique Museum of Longevity
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There is a museum in Lerik region on Azerbaijan’s southern border, a museum dedicated to centenarians, the only one of its kind. Azerbaijan enjoys natural and mysterious abundance. Every nook, ...

Grandiose triumphant annals of 15-year presidency
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The 100th anniversary of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, the first democratic republic in the Muslim world, is widely celebrated in our country. Describing this event as one of the landmark ...

Freedom of speech
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Impeding in realization of freedom of speech and religion right (for example, forcing to commit any devotions or, vice versa, illegal impeding in such devotions committing) is legally prosecuted. Making ...

Forbes introduced to censorship Publisher of the Russian Forbes stops printing for sake of Elena Baturina
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On the cover, they arrogated the phrase “My safety is guaranteed” to the business-lady. At the same time, she says in the article: “My rights are guaranteed as rights of ...

Right to truth
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This idea touches upon free speech even in those films which are not investigative in a literal sense. For example, the film about Gagarin and the book about him (of ...

Ali Ahmedov: “Law On Religious Freedom Liable to Amendments “
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All citizens of our country regardless of the religion have and enjoy the equal rights enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan: “Azerbaijan has never had the confrontation ...

Ali Ahmedov: “Under implication of the freedom of speech and press moral terror campaign is conducting “
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Such actions of the structure turned to their customary rules of activity. Moreover, some persons and political parties, the owners of these mass media will use them for the purposes ...

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