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Ali Ahmedov: “Law On Religious Freedom Liable to Amendments “

All citizens of our country regardless of the religion have and enjoy the equal rights enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan: “Azerbaijan has never had the confrontation on religion-based and I believe that this tendency will continue further. Any way, we shall make all efforts in order to maintain and propagandize the unique tolerance existing in state”. Reportedly MP, a number of countries worldwide can use tolerance in Azerbaijan as the appropriate model: “This truth is one of the fundamental principles in Azerbaijan and is established owing to activity of the national leader Heydar Aliyev. Certainly, our country is a Muslim country and the majority of citizens practice Islam. But at the same time, we respect other religions, as all of them have some favorable nuances. If the various currents of Islam and other religions attract people to the true belief, it won’t challenge any gossips and troubles, because as the secular state, Azerbaijan respects all beliefs”.
But A. Ahmedov supposes that in some cases certain religious currents under the shelter of preach act absolutely in other way: “Thus, in some cases there are those who under shelter of the phraseology of religion mask their deeds. These people and certain centers frequently pursue the political purposes. In this case, these religious currents seem to act against the State. In turn, this factor causes the extreme troubles as these facts of abuse of tolerance are very frequently observed. Taking into consideration Azerbaijan’s geopolitical situation, its rapid development, and also evaluating the processes occurring in territory of neighbor countries, we have not the right to allow anybody to use our tolerance and damnify Azerbaijan. If such religious currents appear in the country, it is necessity to reveal them, at once. We have to protect Azerbaijan’s interests, complying with the rights of civilians. Perhaps, it will be a little difficult to understand occurring process, some problems will appear, and that’s why all actions should be well-considered. Thus, I think that it is not worth to take hasty decisions”.

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