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October 2018
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Textbooks under the literature do not satisfy with the quality
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Several days ago movement “Amal” has carried out wide conference on a theme «Problems of education: Textbooks». Methodological principles, studying of national ideology, the concept of humanity in the literature, ...

To taboo once, to taboo twice Trial at the one who denies the Holocaust exposed limits of free speech in Europe
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Following years Irving published more books, including Gabbles’ bibliography and a book covering the Nierenberg process. In spite of abundant critics from the part of scientists, these editions were successfully ...

About us
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The law of Azerbaijan republic on information, informatisation and protection of information
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The law of Azerbaijan republic on information, informatisation and protection of information CHAPTER I. GENERAL PROVISIONS Article 1. Scope of the Law The present Law shall regulate relations arising at ...

Towards a Genuine Partnership in a New Era CSCE, 1994 (extracts)
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TOWARDS A GENUINE PARTNERSHIP IN A NEW ERA(CSCE SUMMIT, BUDAPEST)(extracts) Chapter VIII, Human DimensionTolerance and non-discrimination: 25. The participating States condemn manifestations of intolerance, and especially of aggressive nationalism, racism, ...

Decisions of the Rome Council Meeting CSCE and the New Europe – Our Security is Indivisible 1993 (extracts)
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DECISIONS OF THE ROME COUNCIL MEETINGCSCE AND THE NEW EUROPE – OUR SECURITY ISINDIVISIBLE 1993 (extracts) (IV.6) The Ministers expressed their appreciation of the work carried out at the Seminar ...

Copenhagen Meeting of the Conference on the Human Dimension of the CSCE, 1990 (extracts)
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COPENHAGEN MEETING OF THE CONFERENCEON THE HUMAN DIMENSION OF THE CSCE 1990 (extracts) (7.8) [To ensure that the will of the people serves as the basis of the authority of ...

CSCE Vienna Follow-up Meeting 1986 (extracts)
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CSCE VIENNA FOLLOW-UP MEETING(extracts) Co-operation in Humanitarian and Other FieldsInformation: (34) They [The participating States] will continue efforts to contribute to an ever-wider knowledge and understanding of life in their ...

Concluding Document of the Madrid Meeting CSCE, 1983 (extracts)
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CONCLUDING DOCUMENT OF THE MADRID MEETING CSCE, 1983(extracts) Co-operation in Humanitarian and Other FieldsInformation:The participating States will further encourage the freer and wider dissemination of printed matter, periodical and non-periodical, ...

Universal Declaration of Human Rights
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Universal Declaration of Human Rights Preamble Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of ...

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