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October 2018
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Freedom of speech
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Impeding in realization of freedom of speech and religion right (for example, forcing to commit any devotions or, vice versa, illegal impeding in such devotions committing) is legally prosecuted. Making ...

Forbes introduced to censorship Publisher of the Russian Forbes stops printing for sake of Elena Baturina
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On the cover, they arrogated the phrase “My safety is guaranteed” to the business-lady. At the same time, she says in the article: “My rights are guaranteed as rights of ...

Right to truth
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This idea touches upon free speech even in those films which are not investigative in a literal sense. For example, the film about Gagarin and the book about him (of ...

Ali Ahmedov: “Law On Religious Freedom Liable to Amendments “
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All citizens of our country regardless of the religion have and enjoy the equal rights enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan: “Azerbaijan has never had the confrontation ...

Ali Ahmedov: “Under implication of the freedom of speech and press moral terror campaign is conducting “
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Such actions of the structure turned to their customary rules of activity. Moreover, some persons and political parties, the owners of these mass media will use them for the purposes ...

A word without engagement
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In difference from the Soviet times, the TV is not a subject to stage by stage preventive censorship: inspection of the Kremlin administration is restricted by plots with direct meaning ...

Spring sharpening
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The document specifies that recently “a tendency on free speech restriction in a number of mass media, on TV particularly, is observed which seriously damages the whole process of democratization ...

Notes of mad people Russian mass media use people with defects in psychics in the ideological struggle
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The source, Politkovskaya refers to is a well-wisher who came to the edition to confess. The observer of “Novaya gazeta” does not give his name, yet she gives numerous details ...

“This is a pure kind censorship” Federal Security Service forced “Pravda.ru” to close
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In Masterhost Company they verified the letter receiving to “Lenta.ru” correspondent.According to the Company’s press center head Ruslan Kurepin, they received the letter signed by the deputy chief of the ...

For speculators to break to pieces
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Knight Ridder was up as those who invest money in American newspapers have got accustomed with large profits, a teacher on management at the University of Georgia Conrad Fink assures. ...

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