The Black Internet

As an example of such “pouring out” we may draw a publication of the printed materials and audio tapes from “Melnichenko’s tapes”. We may also remind the scandals with Yuschenko’s and Yanukovich’s sons which were instigated on the Internet and also the alleged “invoices of Berezovskiy”, the film “Yuliya” which was available for free on the same Internet and so on.
However, for “pouring out” to have an effect the one of no small importance condition is necessary: an experienced user of the web has to trust the source of information which “pours out”. To say the other words, “the place to pour out” must have a reputation and weight in the virtual media space.
But, it is a paradox; the information Internet source does not deserve respect from its audience at ease. They should write the truth and preferably the exclusive one. Untruth is easily found out in the pluralistic Internet and refuted; besides that may be done by a reader him/herself after visiting about ten sites.
Here discordance takes place: the more read information resources of the web are keeping an eye over their reputations and do not publish a pure lie. To organize “pouring out” on unknown web sites is not effective. Perhaps, that is exactly why there so little uncovered lie on the twenty Ukrainian most visited Web sites.
Legalize it!
Negative information, able to harm certain people, is not necessary to be a lie. It may turn out to be quite true; however, which is not excluded, to be just part of the truth. Using any unofficial information for blackening “a white image” of one’s opponent, you should, first of all, “wash it out” or legalize. For example, a popular and authoritative Internet site publishes a sensation referring to “reliable sources”. The latter is not drawn. Then already this “washed out” information is heard at a press conference in a direct or (taped) version from a well known “speaking head”.
Freedom and responsibility
The Ukrainian Internet is still free in comparison with our neighbors Russia and Belarus that can not boast, unfortunately on the matter yet. Belarus has already started on the Chinese way and is going with the help of providers to introduce the Internet-filters to hide away “unfavorable” information from too interested users. In Russia even on-line mass media are to be registered and not allowed to operate without license.
In Ukraine they were also going to introduce an obligatory state registration for the Internet sites. In April, 2005 the Transport and Communication Ministry at that time headed by the present Governor of Zaporozhye Evgeniy Chervonenko even issued such a decree. Indeed, later after numerous protests, the Transport and Communications Ministry canceled the order. The state gave the Ukrainian Internet a free will. But will it last long?
However, the freedom has the other side with a stamped word “responsibility”. It is a very possible situation when an Internet site publishes a pure lie, unconscious slander about any public figure, however, it will be very difficult to call any one from the edition of the same Internet site to account for. Why? Because there is neither telephone number, address of the edition nor name of the editor-in-chief on the site available.
On the one hand, such anonymity is a guarantee of safety, the guarantee of no representatives of the Sanitary Epidemiology department or Tax Police visiting the editorial office of the site after publication of some information. We think, there is no need to explain possible consequences of similar visits.
On the other hand, such a conspiracy may be a synonym of irresponsibility, proving no guarantee on any information available on a conspiratorial web site as representing reality. In any case it is you who is to choose.
In contrary to this in the UA net they have launched an initiative calling upon to clear up the Ukrainian net segment of not true and unverified information. By the way, it is called the same “The clean Internet”. A number of information sites have signed a peculiar memorandum on “fair play” and promised to account for everything published on their Internet sites with their reputations.
On the one hand, we may be happy with a similar self organization and intention to say the truth, the truth and nothing except the truth.
On the other hand, let’s remind politicians who are also signing “memorandums on fair elections” during an election campaign.
The suggestive Internet
Suggestion is such a method to affect a person when the same fact of inner influence is not realized. Suggestion is the way to over go defense barriers of an individual and to put some idea into somebody’s mind to have him/her make some certain conclusions.
The suggestion ability is immutable attribute of mass media. Perhaps, because of that they deserve to be called “the fourth power”. And the Internet, as said above, has already become one of the influential bodies of this power.
Watch your thoughts – there may be not yours among them!
When you open an Internet page, think, maybe, you download a text and pictures together with any harmful information virus which may change some files in your head.

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