The Pope to open TV marathon on reading the Bible
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As the RAI management stated on Thursday, Benedict XVI will open the TV marathon on 5 October with reading Genesis – the first book of the Old Testament. Not only ...

American radio presenter signs USD 400 mln contract
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Limbaugh’s new contract will terminate in 2016. According to the presenter, he will get tens of millions of USD as a bonus for the contract signing and his annual income ...

Los Angeles Times dismisses 250 employees
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According to Stanton, decrease of profits relates to decrease of advertisement places selling that resulted in meaningful increase of printed materials in comparison with advertisements. In order to resolve the ...

Matthew Bryza refutes information of Azerbaijani MM once again
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As “ArmInfo” informs, Matthew Bryza stated it refuting the allegation spread by Azerbaijani mass media ostensibly quoting his words that “it would be more safely for Armenians if the territories ...

Interview with The Beatles aired in 44 years
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The 9,5-minute long recording participated by John Lennon and Paul McCartney was made on 30 April, 1964 in a Scottish TV studio. The interview was never aired and was considered ...

Committee to Protect Journalists makes statement
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“Agil Halil is a twice attempted journalist and he asserts that Strekalin is not a real criminal. For the last month, Azerbaijani authorities have illegally prevented the journalist’s departure abroad ...

Turkmen special services torture journalist of Liberty Radio
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Durdimuradov was detained in his apartment in Baharden city several days ago. No information on accusation faced is reported. The journalist, as informed, was studying the issues of education, as ...

Newspaper chief editor gets ten years of custody for high treason
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Mamadov and Guliyev were accused of anti-Azerbaijani propaganda on the newspaper pages “masked by loyal attitude to the state”.The indictment states that “Tolishi Sado” kept to the line of extreme ...

“If my husband’s handwritings are not given back, we will appeal to court”
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“We still have no information about my husband’s handwritings that he wrote in the pre-trial jail. We have received a reply to the appeal submitted by lawyer, Rashid Hajilli to ...

No advertisement kills American newspapers
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Experts’ prognoses concerning decrease of profitability are regularly changing to the worst. Probably, until the end of this year, newspapers will get twice as less profit from advertisement. Meanwhile, advertisement ...

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