Media Independence Institute established in Baku
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Thereby, the structure aims at solving the problems existing in media sphere. Chief editor of “Yeni yol”, Alishir Ahad was elected to head the Institute. “The press faces a great ...

Democratic Reforms Party awards three journalists
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According to the information given by the Party to “Media forum”, chairman Asim Mollazade awarded “Echo” newspaper’s collaborator Nuranie for articles in the sphere of international terrorism, collaborator of “Alma” ...

French Embassy takes journalist Agil Halil out of Azerbaijan
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According to him, the visit was arranged by international organization “Reporters without borders” to ensure personal security of A.Halil. He was accompanied by an employee of French Embassy to Azerbaijan. ...

Special “Media key” award conferred to Mammad Nazimoglu posthumously
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M. Nazimoglu, who deceased on 6 July at the age of 48, was one of the founders of the first independent edition “Aydinlig”. He was deputy editor-in-chief of “Halg gazeti”, ...

Zardabi’s award finds its winners
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It should be noted that along with Mr. Suleimanov, awards in different nominations were conferred on some representatives of mass media. To remind, Zardabi’s award, founded at the end of ...

Presentation of “Mammad Nazimoglu” magazine took place
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The PC chairman Aflatun Amashov made an opening speech having stressed the unity of personality and professionalism of the late journalist. As he said, Mammad Nazimoglu had formed the whole ...

Elmar Huseinov’s award presented to collaborators of ‘Mediaforum’ website and ‘Azadlig’ radio
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Foundation of Elmar Huseinov has been holding a contest among journalists, financially supported by the US State Department, since late 2007. The contest consisted of two rounds, 9 grants were ...

Special release headlined “Mammad Nazimoglu” released
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Photos and articles published in different periods, as well as opinions of some authors are placed the magazine dedicated to untimely deceased journalist, Mammad Nazimoglu. The presentation of the magazine ...

Russian TVs banned in Odessa
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As she said, over a half of Odessa residents is watching cable TVs and none of them were warned on suspense of broadcast. Kovalenko connected the incident to international trainings ...

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