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June 2020
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The Black Internet
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As an example of such “pouring out” we may draw a publication of the printed materials and audio tapes from “Melnichenko’s tapes”. We may also remind the scandals with Yuschenko’s ...

What does Ombudsmen Institute on press promise? The process of press self regulation in the world leading countries
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No wonder that in spite of the Convention on access to information, the agreement “About cooperation with Europe”, the juridical act “On access to documents” of the European Parliament, of ...

“What courage is” – two sides of one question… Gentlemen! “A sleeping Armenian” it not “a sleeping beauty” to admire…
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As soon as Karabakh events took place, the Soviet thinking was launched. Battalion commanders and “political leaders” were ordered in an urgent way to hold lectures on “indestructibility of friendship ...

Metamorphoses of the fourth power Mass media has turned into an informational constituent of state
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I think, the nowadays arts have not gained the right on sermon, they are still to follow an uneasy road to confession. Not easy, because, recently, I often come across ...

Foreign countries will help us The Kremlin intends to “clean up” the image of Russia with the money of European and American Companies
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The news programs also available in Russia via a satellite, started with a long report covering HIV infection in donors’ blood in Voronej, then they screened a plot on sequences ...

Be more positive Parliamentarians concerned about moral side of freedom of speech
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The Charter of TV Companies was signed on 7 June at the State Duma. VGTRK (Whole Russia TV and Radio Company) chairman Oleg Dobrodeyev, Director General of the Perviy kanal ...

Freedom of expression
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For the last years a significant progress in the right on freedom of expression has been observed. Efforts to guarantee this right by means of specially created regional mechanisms have ...

Freedom of speech as one of the fundamental human rights
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The church which was engaged at that time, certainly, in a noble activity, i.e. protected destitute and oppressed beggars, nevertheless, by its ideology, by the sermon of the Christian doctrine ...

To a hundred-year-anniversary since the cancel of censorship
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The administration arrested circulations, imposed penalties, transferred materials to courts but those were pity attempts to stop the cleared up Russian liberal and socialist press. The languid, forced reprisals only ...

Old and new barriers of freedom of press
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His interpretation made a basis for the concept of freedom of press widely widespread nowadays which is more often associated with a practice of “the western democracies” such as in ...

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